Need More Hours In Your Day? Discover The 29-Hour Work Day

A High Performer’s Guide to Leveraging Your EA

You understand the value of time—otherwise, the C-suite would have been out of reach. But are you doing everything you can to maximize your time? 

It’s not enough to hire an executive assistant and hope for the best. They can be your project manager, personal assistant, and chief of staff—if you know how to cultivate a partnership. 

In The 29-Hour Work Day, EA specialists and ProAssisting founders Ethan Bull and Stephanie Bull reveal their framework for building an alliance with the right EA to support your professional and personal growth. Their five performance multipliers show how to hire a trustworthy assistant, establish expectations, and set guidelines that will enable you both to accomplish goals. Letting go of control is hard, but with a strong support system, you gain freedom to focus on the rest of your responsibilities. Learn how to communicate with your EA effectively, build a working relationship that endures, and find more hours in your day with this innovative approach to identifying your needs and gaining peace of mind.

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What People Are Saying

The 29-Hour Work Day is a brilliant compilation of strategies that allow executives and entrepreneurs to become more effective and efficient in their day-to-day. Through communication, respect, and trust, a super-powered relationship evolves. See what executives and executive assistants are saying about the power of The 29-Hour Work Day

Karen Finerman CNBC's Fast Money Contributor, NYTimes Bestselling Author of "Finerman's Rules" & Board Member
"I’ve saved hundreds of hours leveraging the help of my assistant. I get more done, have better outcomes, and less stress by making the most of this relationship. The 29-Hour Work Day helped me do it."
Scot Wisniewski Senior Executive Assistant to the Global Head of Podcasts at Spotify
"The most successful partnerships I’ve had in my career are with executives who know how to leverage my support as their assistant. With The 29-Hour Work Day, they now have a great guide to help them acquire and partner with the assistant of their dreams."
Rory Tahari CEO of Elie Tahari
"If you understand the value of a great assistant and want to get the most out of your partnership, then read the perfect instruction manual, The 29-Hour Work Day, by Ethan and Stephanie Bull."
ProAssisting Co-Founder and CEO


Stephanie Bull is ProAssisting’s co-founder and the former EA for J. Crew’s CEO and the CEOs of two multi-billion-dollar hedge funds. Before developing ProAssisting, Stephanie proved herself an expert in the field and a vital addition to the C-suite by fulfilling a variety of roles, including chief of staff, estate manager, and investment liaison.

ProAssisting CoFounder


Ethan Bull is a co-founder of ProAssisting, a next-generation remote executive assistance firm for business owners and C-suite executives. With a background in hospitality and an expert in the EA space, Ethan has held a variety of senior positions, including Director of Administrative Services and senior EA to the president and CEO at Rochester Regional Health.